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Apr 20


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A theme that we all picked in this book is respect. At the beginning of the book, Benny did not have any respect for Tom.  He called Tom all types of names and things he shouldn’t have been called . He curses in front of Tom but he shouldn’t.  In the middle of the ending of the book, Benny starts to respect Tom more.  He starts to look up to his brother as a hero. Benny is now a team with Tom; they both love and respect each other .

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  1. dkinlawrhs
    5:22 pm - 5-7-2012

    Another theme of found in my novel is Death ; I know this because at the end of the book they kill alot of people and zombies. They see death in front of there face.

  2. dmurrayrhs
    5:25 pm - 5-7-2012

    A Theme I found in the book is caring, I picked it because when Tom was going to kill a Zom he he always thought of it as part as somebody’s family.

  3. rlaydenrhs
    5:28 pm - 5-7-2012

    A theme in the Rot and Ruin is war because is the zombies vs the world (the only people alive). Its a huge war till everyone is turned into a Zom or the people left kill all the zombies.

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